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What are cavities? And how do you treat them?

Posted on: June 20th, 2023 | Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized

Cavities: Unveiling the Culprits and Empowering Oral Health

During your formative years, you may have encountered various terms for cavities, ranging from whimsical names like “sugar bugs” to more technical terms such as decay or caries. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the true nature of cavities. These oral menaces are damaged areas in your teeth, resulting from a combination of factors, including the presence of bacteria in your mouth, a diet rich in sugary delights, and insufficient oral hygiene. However, fear not! This doesn’t mean you must brush after every meal or bid farewell to sugar forever. Rather, it emphasizes the importance of awareness regarding your sugar consumption frequency, coupled with regular brushing every morning and night.

Our oral cavities harbor a bacterial population called plaque, which converts sugar on your teeth into corrosive acids. It is these acids that erode your tooth structure, paving the way for the development of cavities. Whenever you indulge in sweets, you inadvertently coat your mouth with sugar, facilitating plaque accumulation. Surprisingly, even natural sources of sugar, such as oranges and pineapples, can contribute to enamel wear, rendering your teeth more susceptible to cavities. These fruits possess high acidity, which creates an environment conducive to plaque formation when consumed. To minimize your cavity risk, you should reduce the frequency of sugary food intake, neutralize acids with water, and uphold excellent oral hygiene practices.

Treatment: A Ray of Hope

Thankfully, cavities can be effectively treated with tooth-colored fillings at your trusted dental office. Skilled dentists skillfully remove the damaged portions and expertly replace them with aesthetically pleasing bonding materials, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural smile.

To facilitate the filling process, dentists employ a meticulous technique known as total etch bonding. This method involves using a tooth conditioner gel, aptly named etch, to eliminate the smear layer from the teeth. By removing this layer, the dentinal tubules are opened, enabling stronger bonding between your teeth and the filling material. This enhanced bond ensures that your fillings endure daily brushing and stand the test of time.

Prevention: Fortifying Your Dental Defense

While the treatment of cavities is possible, their prevention is undeniably more desirable. Regulating your diet plays a pivotal role in safeguarding against cavities. Additionally, maintaining excellent oral hygiene practices prevents tooth decay. This includes diligent brushing twice a day and daily flossing to eliminate plaque buildup. Scheduling regular cleanings with your trusted hygienist every six months is crucial. For individuals at higher risk of cavities, such as frequent consumers of sugary foods or those with dry mouth conditions, a more frequent cleaning schedule may prove beneficial.

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