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Smile Trial: Testing Your New Smile Today

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Smile Makeover

The term ‘makeover’ traditionally conjures images of transformed homes or revamped personal styles. Yet, there is another type of makeover just as remarkable and transformative: the smile makeover. This enhancement process uses a suite of dental procedures, including teeth whitening, dental bonding to bridge gaps, orthodontic alignment with tools like Invisalign, and comprehensive dental restorations to fortify and beautify your smile. Smile makeovers transcend aesthetic improvements. They are portals to enhanced well-being, furnished by the marvels of contemporary dental technology that guarantee healthy, natural-looking smiles.

Understanding the Smile Test Drive

When selecting new clothes, the sensible step is to try them on to evaluate their fit and comfort. The approach to dental enhancements should be no less thorough, especially considering the substantial financial and time investments they entail. A Smile Test Drive offers more than a conceptual discussion; it employs sophisticated technology to present a realistic preview of your dental enhancements before any permanent work is carried out.

The journey commences with a records appointment, utilizing a precise blend of photography, videography, and digital technology to capture your facial and dental dimensions. These records are the foundation for the Digital Smile Design (DSD) process, which sculpts a temporary yet exquisite vision of your smile makeover. 

Your Smile Test Drive Experience

When you arrive for this test drive appointment, this temporary restoration, matched to the color of your teeth, is applied to give you a tangible preview of the transformation. 

Following this is a professional photoshoot, illuminating your potential new smile from various angles. These images are instrumental in the subsequent consultation with our dental professionals, who will elucidate the treatment plan, personalized to cater to your unique aesthetic preferences and health requirements.

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ snapshots serve as an essential guide in your decision-making journey. This Smile Test Drive offers a comprehensive understanding of the dental work’s impact, well before any commitments are made.

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